“Attractive, my dear, is a polite way of saying a woman’s made the most of what she’s got. I’m not a beautiful woman. I’m nothing to look at, so the only thing I can do is dress better than anyone else. If everyone looks at me when I enter a room, my husband can feel proud of me. That’s my chief responsibility.”

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I’ve always viewed myself as an attractive woman, not beautiful but very attractive, I don’t mean to say I’m ugly, because I’m not, I’m just not like those beauties out there that leave people breathless.

But as the years roll by I understood more about beauty than I ever did. I guess beauty in itself is just beauty, perfect and dull. But what makes that beauty legendary is how you, as a character let others see you. That needs character, mind, essence, and soul. It needs cleverness and how to present yourself like honey: attractive, hard to get, irresistible and delicious leaving people wanting more.

People love good image, good humor, light topics, gossip and they are attracted mostly to people who they could gossip about and aspire to become closer to their image.

That’s how I view Wallis Simpson. She might have not been a great beauty, or came from a hugely wealthy family, she might have been divorced twice, but her attraction lies in her character, she was attractive, elegant, clever and people loved to invite her to their gatherings, which means she was loved.

W./E. is a movie directed by Madonna. I got to say she surprised me. This movie became one of my top favorites from the first time I watched it. I re-watched it so many times now and I still feel the same feelings I had the first times I watched it. Shocked, surprised, awed, sad and happy.

This is one of the best movies I watched in a very long time. I can’t describe how much I enjoyed every minute of it. Usually I hate abusive movies but this is not one of them, I guess because you could see hope and solution in the end that it makes you feel like the characters actually overcame their bad luck and turned it into something good.

That’s why I loved Wallis and Wally a lot. But I loved the leading men as well, it came to me that both men have a few similarity in the way they love though they are completely different.

The first time I heard about this story, I was watching a TV show about the most famous love stories in 20s century. I couldn’t believe that a king abdicated his throne for the woman he loved.

I was instantly in love with the story and couldn’t stop thinking about it as a fairytale. But Madonna viewed the story differently from Wallis’s side and I loved it more. I loved her a lot. The actress did a great job. I loved the fashion and locations in the story, the mood, the two stories, colliding and creating a wonderful story.

I know how Wally felt, admiring a woman in every way and wanting the love story she had. I guess every little girl wants a prince’s love. But few girls actually have that, and Madonna showed us that sometimes Mr. Perfect could be so wrong, like Wally’s husband.

I loved the part when the prince Edward/David told Wallis: “Don’t you get it? You could be anything you want, do anything you want I just want to follow you.”

Imagine a king saying that to the girl he loves?! That kind of love is so rare, so pure, it makes my heart ache with jealousy and need. My heart says: “That’s what I want! This kind of love.”

But I think if everyone in the world could find such a love then there would be no “great love stories”, if great love was found every day it wouldn’t be great, but the thing is, I always wanted, no, needed to be part of such a love. I mean only the lucky ones find it.



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