No Air

There’s no air
I can’t breathe
It’s so dark
I can hardly see
I’m so lost within myself
I can’t see clearly
Though the light is hitting my blind eyes
Trying to make me see the truth
The light of your knowledge eludes me
I feel like an illiterate fool surrounded by darkness
And no way to see what is around me
I don’t want you to save me
I’m no fool
Only fools think that you can play the hero
And I, of all people, would play a damsel in distress
I’m no damsel darling,
I’m only a fool lost in passion
A passion that I cannot name
Nor do I want to name
What’s passion really if it has a name?
What’s light for a blind fool like me?
There’s no air around me
Let me return to the light
Let me leave the darkness
Let go
Don’t let go
Who am I?
I’m not sure any more.
Who am I?
A version of myself I don’t like anymore.


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