Through your eyes

I look at my reflection in the mirror
And I see myself through your eyes
I love what I see
The parts you love in me
And I think how lucky I am
To see myself so completely
The bad and good in me
Side by side
Measure to measure
Equal parts like water and fire
To decipher my soul
Understanding me bit by bit
More than I can see myself
Your eyes are my mirror
Never stop looking at me
I love to see my reflection so clearly in them
Your eyes, so deep
So truthful
So loving and beautiful
Look at me
Stop staring
I squirm under their pressure
I thrive
Look at me
Stop glancing my way
Your eyes see me
So plain
It’s scary
So pure
It’s a beating pleasure
Your eyes see me
I beat with every glance
Like a new wound
Thriving painfully
Trying to be better
Look at me
Look at me
I’m deeply lost within you
Do you see me still?
I’m yours for the moments our eyes lock and embrace.
With every beating of your lashes my reflection changes
Black white
White black
I’m still the same
But I’m changing
Through your eyes.



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