Another Cinderella Story: Valentine’s Dance Tango

Joey Parker: [Mary does a fancy dance move] What was that?
Mary: Guess the music just speaks to me.
Joey Parker: [he does a fancy dance move] Well I guess we don’t have a language barrier.

tumblr_lst8thEosK1qdo1uvo1_250 tumblr_lst8thEosK1qdo1uvo2_250 tumblr_lst8thEosK1qdo1uvo3_250 tumblr_lst8thEosK1qdo1uvo4_250 tumblr_lst8thEosK1qdo1uvo5_250 tumblr_lst8thEosK1qdo1uvo6_250 tumblr_lst8thEosK1qdo1uvo7_250 tumblr_lst8thEosK1qdo1uvo8_250


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