Aura Colors Chart

☀Red: Energy, Strength, Anger, Sexuality, Passion, Fear, Ego

☀Orange: Self-control, Ambition, Courage, Thoughtfulness, Lack of Will, Apathetic

☀Yellow: Optimistic, Happy, Intellectual, Friendly, Indecisive, Easily led

☀Green: Peaceful, Healing, Compassion, Deceitful, Jealous

☀Blue: Spiritual, Loyal, Creative, Sensitive, Kind, Moody

☀Violet: Highly spiritual, Wisdom, Intuition

☀Indigo: Benevolence, Highly intuitive, Seeker

☀Pink: Love, Sincerity, Friendship

☀Grey: Depression, Sadness, Exhaustion, Low energy, Skepticism

☀Brown: Greed, Self-involvement, Opinionated

☀Black: Lacking energy, Illness, Imminent death

☀White: Perfect balance




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