Meaning of Kisses and Other Stuff

I wrote this topic a while ago in Facebook and I thought to share it here… I have nothing important to say today.

The constitution of love code is always a kiss. If you love someone, show them and say so with a kiss. If a kiss is the language of love, then we have lots to talk about! Beside kisses there are other gestures to express emotions like holding hands.

Kiss on the ear means “I want you now.” Later on it means “I’m home.”
Kiss on the cheek means “We’re friends.” and it might mean “I care deeply for you because you are my friend as well.”
Kiss on the hand means “I adore you.”
Kiss on the shoulder means “I want you.”
Kiss on the lips means “I love you.”

Holding hands means “We can learn to love and trust each other.” and later on “I’m comfortable to show our love to the world!”
A wink means “Let’s get it on!” or “I got some naughty plans for later!”
Slap on the butt means “Watch out!” or it may mean “I’m jealous and you are only mine!”
Playing with the ear means “I can’t live without you.” and “You are adorable.”
Arms around the waist means “I love you too much to let go.”
Looking at each others eyes means “Let’s get romantic.” When the look deepens it means “I feel so much for you and I want you now.”
Holding on tight means “Don’t let go.”

When a man sniffs your smell without you noticing. Or at least act like you don’t notice, it means “I long for you, your taste, your skin, I want to bury my face and drown in you.”

Basically all the gestures, which are coming from men can be interpreted as two things: Love or Lust. Depending on your man and how your relationship is, talking can help plenty on showing how he feels, of course silent actions are worth gold, but we women, love words. Love is never mute with us… We need to hear the three magic words constantly.

In any case, love without lust is friendship and lust without love is physical. When in a relationship, you want to have them both, the more the merrier. It may last longer this way.

Here is when talking is actually gold! Talking establishes a deep tenderness and understanding for each other, men may be not so fond of talking like us, but words has a deep power to change everything, so use your words wisely. Hint: “I Love You” might change your life said to the right person.

Most importantly, naughty words after all can turn things into fire, if lust and love diminished, being free with words and open about your feelings helps plenty in restoring something kind of dying, but not broken.

Broken is deeper, it needs fixing with more words, understanding and loving and above all trusting. Dead emotions needs a new outfit to bring the fire back to life.

If you are kissing someone, close your eyes. It’s not nice to stare!



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