Lesson in Lashes

Lauren Conrad and Amy Nadine show us how to apply individual faux lashes, one lash at a time.

I never done this myself, but once, at my cousin Noor’s wedding, a professional makeup artist added them to my makeup. It was too much makeup if you asked me, but it was fun to try. I mean a girl doesn’t get a professional makeup artist to put her makeup everyday. Not this girl. But I’m not complaining, I was terrified when I saw myself, I asked the woman: “OMG! What did you do?? Who is that??”, to say the least she was mortified, I guess she wasn’t used to girls who mean it when they say: “Please, don’t put so much makeup on.” Well, guess what? I was mortified as well. But mama kept telling me I look gorgeous, so… I guess it wasn’t so bad.

I would love to try and put some, but I guess I will go to Minny-Mouse’s look, more comical and cute, something with VERY long lashes at the end, and maybe add them step-by-step shorter until they reach the corner.

Being a girl is so much fun! xxx



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