Dana and the Boy Next Door

“There’s something about blue eyes. The kind that startles you every time they’re lifted in your direction. The kind of blue that makes you ache for them to look at you again. Not blue green or blue gray, the blue that’s just blue.”

A while ago, a blue-eyed-boy fell in love with a brown-eyed-girl… years and countries separated them. But still the boy kept on loving the girl and the girl kept on waiting. That boy was and will always be the girl’s favorite person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Her best-friend, her school friend, her soulmate and maybe soon her future husband. Yup that’s right… Let’s call him H.

H has the bluest of blue eyes, and the girl D loved how piercing and shinning they were. Beside him being tall, with soft crazy hair and blue eyes, H & D were so much alike in so many ways. They shared their love for books, art, movies, beautiful things, and quite life. Their families were cool too.

So basically, H & D were meant to be.

One day D hoped that she will have her dream wedding beside the beautiful blue sea, with no shoes on… She loved how funny his toes were… H’s toes are so so so long. He always makes her laugh.

One day soon, H & D will be together, forever and ever.

The End.

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