Sea of Dreams

Good afternoon, everybody! It’s 12:45 here in Amman… A small spot in this huge world, and in that small spot, there is even a smaller figure… a girl wearing pink and grey PJs, with crazy hair everywhere and a horrible cough you can hear from our next door apartment! But, that doesn’t mean it’s not a new day and she NEEDS to make a day of it.

Yup, that’s girl is moi!

What will I do today?? Mmmm, maybe I will stay home with a good book, or see my girlfriends and go to the mall, or go to the salon and do manicure and pedicures… Not sure… But it all must involve a good book.

This world might be huge, but Amman is small and boring… I wish there was a sea… I would go to the shore everyday, rain or shine. I’m obsessed with the sea, how it smells, the voices of wuuushh-wusshhhh, the humid air around it, filled with mist and salt, how it playfully comes teasing our toes, greeting us like old friends… Ahhh, the sea is so beautiful, thinking about it makes me happy… I wish I could travel soon, to a beautiful country with a beautiful golden or white shore… to run on the sand and collect shells… Did I tell you how much I LOVE shells??

When I was younger I always wished I was born a mermaid but mama told me that even the little mermaid princess wanted to be human and have legs to win her prince over… So I changed my mind but I still fantasize as a grown up about a place with magical creatures like Alice’s “Wonderland” or Peter Pan’s island “Neverland”…

But I think that our world has mysterious and magical spots that don’t need fantasy… Well, it only involves money, in order to see them and enjoy them.


Have any of you watched this movie “Sea of Dreams”? I LOVE this movie, it’s one of my favorites, not only because it has a gorgeous sea and fantasy but because the story is magical, sad, romantic and beautiful… I think if we had a sea here, I would be like Grecia  who belongs to the sea… the sea loved her so much, it didn’t want to share her with anyone else…

I wish I could find the movie and some high resolution photos of it…


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