The Birth of an Idea

The first day of Eid Al Adha was very eventful and very unexpected to me… Usually our Eid holidays are very quite, not all the people just me and my family, because everyone related to us doesn’t live around. But this year I woke up determined to make this day good.


I woke up listening to the Muslims everywhere praying together in a united voice and I felt calm… I slept longer than I usually do and then I got up, wore a great outfit and headed to grandpa’s house to see my papa… I missed him so much, and I told him so, he was so glad to see me just like I was to see him… we talked and laughed and spent the afternoon together at a local cafe called Atay.

It’s very beautiful and oriental looking… It has green, silver and purple in it, I just LOVED the place. Afterward I went to see Amal, and she got dressed up and we headed to Fashion Cafe… We had a great and VERY yummy dinner while gossiping, laughing and almost crying… It was so much fun.


Amal thought of a great idea, that I won’t write here until she and I work on it and make it a reality… but “note to self” the idea was created today over two dishes of yummy salads and mouthwatering steak!



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