I Inhale You In

I inhale you in, you breath me out
This is what passion is all about
Inhale me inside your lungs
Let our blood be one
Let me love you, as I wish to be loved
Let me hold you, for my body longs to be held

Be mine, my love
Be mine alone
For love is obsession
And you are my opium

Kiss my lips
Breathe my scent
Your perfume hypnotize me
I’m under your spell

Let me inside of you
Never let me out
I will shake your world
Inside out

You are mine
Let me be yours
What is there more to ask
Then loving with no looking back?

I breathe you in me
You inhabit my heart
Never depart like the circulation of blood
Stay inside my heart
It is already yours

You inhabit my body
As if you are my soul

How could I love so strongly
When all hope is in the air?
Is love suicidal or just blindly out of spare?

My love to you
Is an obsession,
A need
An urge
An appetite that can never be filled
Or ruled

I’m a crazy criminal, my love
I’m a prisoner for life

Punish me with your kisses
Suffocate me with your hugs
Never let me go
Hold on to me
I’m yours
Until the end of my time.


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