MediaME Forum 2012: The Levant Digital Media Event

The 3rd annual regional event for digital advertising clients, agencies and media owners that is called MediaME Forum was set in the 3rd and 4th of December 2012 at Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel. This event was set and arranged by MediaME founder and CEO Zeid Nasser and his amazing team at MediaScope like Ms. Rula Al Salah.

There was many amazing sponsors that I can’t help but mention ALL now; most of their workers have become real people of flesh and blood and dear associates.

The Sponsors are:

And Supporters:

Those are only the sponsors and supporters but the event included so many attendees and speakers from so many place and companies all interested in technology  social media and the Levant area.

The event was more than amazing, filled with valuable information, so I can’t as a blogger to just give it one tinny entery in my blog. I had to write the whole event in great detail so that people who didn’t attend will get a great insight on everything that was said and done in this one of a kind Jordanian and international event.

So keep reading (^_^)



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