MediaME Forum 2012: The Levant Digital Media Event: Registration & Welcoming coffee break

DAY 1 – DECEMBER 3RD, 2012
8:45 – 9:45     Registration & Welcoming coffee break

So, I want to write in details about everything that I saw, heard and experienced in the forum… I decided that the best way is to make my destination into a chapter-ed destination through the forum program.

I came to Hyatt Hotel early in an Amman grey cold morning, the weather was cold, rainy and gloomy, but I was itching with anticipation and excitement… to tell you the truth I was nervous  I was saying to myself: “Oh my God, Dana! You are a grownup who goes to forums and stuff like that!” But of course on the outside, I tried to mask my childish tendencies and control my excitement and fear.

I was in the elevator heading to a lower floor from the hotel lobby, the elevator opened up and the first thing I saw was a huge roll-up banner with the “MediaME Forum” written all over it announcing to me that I was in the right floor, heading the right way… I thought I will see so many people all over the place, only to discover that as usual I was unceremoniously eager and too early, the team of MediaScope was still preparing the badges, the event booklet and cute orange bags for the attendees.

I connected a voice to a person… I saw the first person in the event that I knew through the phone, Ms. Mais Al-Ta’ee, she is the cute helpful girl who arranged for me and my company Kayan all the arrangements through the phone. I said hello, she said hello back, it was nice to finally meet for real. After 30 minutes the hole was buzzing with life and morning energy, friends and colleagues were meeting, people were greeting each other in grumpy but happy low voices, the crew of Hyatt hotel started bringing in coffee and tea. I was itching to my regular cup of steaming sweet tea.

2012-12-03 08.35.532012-12-03 08.36.052012-12-03 08.35.58

Tea was served in a flourish manner, the host greeted me asking me how do I take my tea, I told him: “I would like to try something different today, how about some milk, sugar and hot steaming red tea?” You see, I usually drink Twinings only, I am not a red or brown tea fan, I love either Green Tea & Mint or Earl Grey [A light aromatic blend of fine black tea, scented with bergamot flavor] with no milk.

Around 9:37 Zeid Nasser started to ring a bell informing people that they should head inside to begin the forum. Of course I was already in, took one of the first seats, beside taking my badge and booklet, my table had an A4 notepad with a pen from Zain, there was a glass of water with a little bottle from Nestle, a cute glass mug filled with mint candy to sweeten our silent mouths.

It was official: the forum has actually begun!

2012-12-03 09.09.14


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