MediaME Forum 2012: The Levant Digital Media Event: Wael Quader

DAY 1 – DECEMBER 3RD, 2012
11:15 – 11:45 Mobile Advertising in MENA Today & Tomorrow

On precisely 11:15 Zied introduced Wael Quader the Co-Founder & CEO of Noqoush. I found his topic very interesting, especially that I hold one of Kayan‘s big accounts and it’s all about banners and mobile applications.

2012-12-03 11.15.54

I was fascinated with his chapter about Rich Media Ads and how they work… his presentation was about 33 slides. But I could see that all the audience was fascinated as well. Zeid announced after Wael’s speech that he was in a hurry and that he has to catch a plan to Dubai in a few hours. Wael stayed for a few hours after his speech, I met him and asked him so many questions about Rich Media Ads. I hope he had a safe trip.

2012-12-03 11.18.062012-12-03 11.27.05


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