Happy Birthday, Amal!

The sky is grayish black, the wind is too strong, Amman is silent, waiting for the roaring storm and cold rain to fall, and I feel like the storm, holding my explosion outrage back, trying to give the sun another chance to win and shine… but I think the storm will win…The sky is loaded with rain, thunder and lighting… it feels like it wants to shout something… Or maybe my dark mood is control my eyesight and making me see danger where there is none.


Today at Kayan, we had a special three occasions… 3 birthdays in one week. You see I LOVE to arrange birthday gatherings, get people gifts, order cake and bring everyone together… I just LOVE to celebrate people’s happiness… especially people I love.

On the 18th it was Mohammed Nejim’s birthday, on the 19th it was Amal’s birthday and on the 24th it will be Adel’s birthday.


Nejim is not at Kayan at the moment, so we celebrated Amal and Adel. We got them strawberry cake with white cream, two very small gifts from Bull & Pear.


The fun broke my dark mood thankfully and made me sing “Happy Birthday to You” happily… it was nice to be happy for someone else and see their happiness reflected in their eyes. I wish we could have brought something more extravagant… But we are all broke! At least everyone was happy, the guys tried to help me light the candles and they helped me eating the whole cake! LOL (^▼^)


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