Cathy’s 3 Books

For years I have kept three books always with me, if not all at once, then one of them, especially when I sketched a lot. Now I rarely left a pencil. These three books were good for me, part for my artistic side and part for my bookaholic side, I thought they deserve to be shared here, especially that they crossed my mind today, of course I LOVE the three websites, if you are into websites you will love this:

  1. Cathy’s Book – If Found Call (650) 266-8233
  2. Cathy’s Key – If Found Call (650) 266-8202
  3. Cathy’s Ring – If Found Call (650) 226-8263


I was so obsessed with the art and imitating it, to care much about the story for years, but after reading the first book and loving it, I can’t wait to finish book two soon.

Cathy’s Book – If Found Call (650) 266-8233

Things weren’t so peachy in Cathy’s life before Victor broke up with her. Her father died unexpectedly, she’s failing school, and her best friend is mad at her. But when Cathy decides to investigate Victor’s reasons for ending their relationship, things suddenly go from bad to very, very, very bad as her findings produce more questions than answers. For instance, what does the death of Victor’s co-worker, the strange mark that appeared on Cathy’s arm, and the surreal behavior of several Chinese elders have to do with it?

Through Cathy’s unique and irresistible voice—and lots of proof in the form of letters, photographs, date book entries, telephone numbers readers can call, websites they can access, as well as secrets only a careful reader will be able to decipher—readers will enter a strange and fascinating world where things often aren’t how they appear.


My older review: I bought this book because the art is amazing, but now that I begun reading it, the story is actually gripping! But the best thing about this book is the design art and the gifts. Every illustration is related to what Cathy is writing in her journal. And the gifts are all clues to solving what is the nature of Victor. When you begin reading you just have to know everything that will happen. What is great about the book is that it is fast paced and you can finish it in one sitting, and it is very exciting. You just have to know what Victor and the paper man and Tsao are. That was a great first book, though Cathy and Victor are not your average heroes, they are not heroic, they are very flawed but very human. At the end you see Emma telling Cathy at her 18th birthday that the police will come questioning her now that Victor and Lu have fled, Cathy asked her what should she do, Emma said print out all your diary with every single evidence you’ve collected and show them everything, otherwise they won’t believe anything. I think they won’t buy it even with everything inside the diary, they might think it’s a young girl’s fantasy. Anyway the war of the immortals has just begun, all in order to stop death and time. Can’t wait to read book 2: Cathy’s Key!

Cathy’s Key – If Found Call (650) 266-8202

Six weeks after high-school graduation, Cathy can’t seem to keep a job, but she excels at Advanced Doodling in this sequel to Cathy’s Book. Her immortal boyfriend, Victor, is off trying to unlock the key to immortality. No job and no boyfriend leave Cathy with the time she so desperately needs to avoid Tsao, yet another immortal who proclaims his undying love for her and won’t take no for an answer; to get her identity back from Jewel, a clever and sneaky girl she met on a bus; to convince Jewel’s ex-convict brother, Denny, not to enlist in the army; to discover if her father really is dead by raiding the office of the drug-happy doctor who signed his death certificate; and to navigate the ups and downs of her friendship with Emma, young business maven extraordinaire. A wonderfully zany voice, loads of doodles, interactive features, and madcap antics that unfold at a breakneck pace—all contribute to a reading experience that is just plain fun.

Cathy’s Ring – If Found Call (650) 226-8263

Cathy cannot manage to find more than a few days to relax in her hectic (and mortal) life—she barely has time to put the mystery surrounding her father to rest before she finds herself targeted by a group of Ancestor Lu’s professional killers!

Recognizing she is a serious threat to everyone in her life, Cathy makes plans to leave town. But her friends, Emma, Pete, Victor, and, surprisingly, Jun, unite to convince Cathy that they must finish Lu once and for all to have any chance at peace—mortal or immortal. In order to defeat Lu, the friends must come together in a way they never have before.

Meanwhile—unbeknownst to Cathy—Victor has made the ultimate sacrifice hoping it will bring him closer to a normal relationship with Cathy. But when Victor is seriously wounded and Cathy finds herself attracted to another mortal with similar feelings for her, Cathy’s world turns upside down and she is forced to make a decision about her future with Victor, while his life hangs by a thread. What will Cathy decide, and how will their epic battle with Lu play out? Find out in the newest adventure-packed installment of the Cathy story!



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