What a Girl Wants Fairytale

“What a Girl Wants” is among my favorite movies, when I was younger I watched it so many times… I still LOVE the story, the setting and the soundtrack… I decided to share one of my favorite parts of the movie, which is the beginning in which Libby tells Daphne how she and her dad Henry have met.


Daphne Reynolds: My name is Daphne Reynolds, and I was born in New York City. I’ve lived my whole life with my mom in a fifth floor walkup in Chinatown. It’s always been just the two of us, me and Libby. But every year on my birthday, I’d make a wish…


Libby Reynolds: Make a wish, baby!

Daphne Reynolds: …that someone else could be there, too. And every year when he didn’t come, I’d ask my mom to tell me the same story.

Libby Reynolds: You never get tired of this one, do you? Okay.


Once upon a time… there was a young, very cool singer named Libby… who one day decided to go out and see the world. Little did she know that in the deserts of Morocco fate was waiting for her… and his name was Henry. They fell madly, passionately, hopelessly in love… and were married by the chief of a Bedouin tribe.


Henry brought her back to England to meet his family so they could get married for real. But fate was not so kind this time. She was definitely not what they were expecting. But when Henry’s father suddenly died… Libby knew there’d be more pressure on him to lead a certain kind of life… because he was now Lord Dashwood… and Libby was no one’s idea of a lady.


Alistair Payne: [to Libby] Henry knows all about it. If you love Henry, you will go now. [to Henry] I think you should see this. Apparently there’s someone else.

Libby Reynolds: So even though it broke her heart… she knew she had to leave him. But a few months later. fate gave her the greatest gift of all… a beautiful baby girl named Daphne.


Libby Reynolds: Sweet dreams, kiddo. Love you.
Daphne Reynolds: Love you.
Libby Reynolds: Ah I can’t believe you’re 15 years old today.
Daphne Reynolds: Sweet dreams, Henry.



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