Isn’t That What Husbands Are For?

Edward: Hello.
Wallis Simpson: Your Royal Highness.
Edward: How do you find living in England, Mrs. Simpson?
Wallis Simpson: I love it. Except for the lack of central heating. I’m always cold.
Edward: Ah, maybe you need someone to keep you warm.
Wallis Simpson: Isn’t that what husbands are for?
Edward: I don’t know, what are husbands for?
Wallis Simpson: You might have to marry someone to find out, sir.
Edward: And how do you find marriage, Mrs. Simpson?
Wallis Simpson: Everything is a compromise, isn’t it?
Edward: Doesn’t sound very romantic.
Wallis Simpson: Ah, romance. That’s another matter altogether, Your Highness.
Edward: Are all American girls such good dancers?
Wallis Simpson: I wouldn’t know, sir. I haven’t danced with many.



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