The Greatest Love Story of the 20th Century

Some people called it the greatest love story of the 20th century. The king who gave up his throne for the woman he loved. Wallis Simpson, as she was known, was not distinguished by great beauty, money or class. But 40 years later she would spark a constitutional crisis, when the King of England, Edward VIII, decided to abdicate, in order to marry this twice-divorced American woman. Exiled and stripped of a kingdom, they became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Their romantic legend lives on today. Wallis had been married twice, before her romance with the prince. Her first husband, Navy Lieutenant Earl Winfield Spencer, Swept Wallis off to the exotic world of Shanghai in 1924. The marriage ended in divorce three years later.


Her name was Bessie Wallis Warfield. She was born into a poor, southern family on June 19th, 1896. Forty years later, the king of England, the handsome and dashing Edward VIII, fell in love and decided to marry this American woman. Tomorrow, Sotheby’s begins previewing their impressive estate. An estate now owned by Mohammed Al Fayed, the colorful and controversial owner of Harrods in London. Sotheby’s says they will be auctioning off more than 44,000 pieces of history. Objects which tell a tale of luxury and romance.



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