Woman on Top: A Story of Love, Motion Sickness and the Art of Cooking


Once upon a time, in the land of bossanova, lived a girl named Isabella. When she was born, the gods blessed her with extraordinary beauty… but overlooked one itty-bitty flaw: motion sickness.

Her parents tried everything. Conventional medicine, organized religion… alternative religion. Nothing worked.

Until Yemanja… Goddess of the Sea, took pity on the child and compensated her with a gift. Too frail to play with her friends… Isabella spent her days in the kitchen with the family cook. She blossomed into a shy but dazzling girl… who could melt the plates and the heart of men.


Isabella dreamed of traveling the world and becoming a famous chef. But when she laid eyes on the dashing Toninho, all her dreams took flight. It was love… at first bite. They fell so madly in love that they knew nothing could ever keep them apart. With Isabella’s exotic dishes, Toninho’s new restaurant was the hottest spot in Brazil. She did all the work. He got all the credit. And though she got job offers from all over the planet… Isabella’s dreams of worldwide glory would melt away in Toninho’s irresistible embrace.

Now, Isabella could control her motion sickness only by controlling her motions. If she always drove, if she always led, if she always stayed on top, everything was just fine. Ah, but some men must always appear to be men… No matter what it may coast.

[Toninho cheats on Isabella and she prays for Yemanja to make her strong enough to leave him]

Her prayers were answered. And thus begins our story of love, motion sickness, and the art of cooking.



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