Cirque de Glace Press Conference

Last week while it was snowing, I got an invitation from Shereen Hatough from Bidaya Corporate Communications to attend Cirque de Glace Press Conference at Wild Jordan Cafe at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, ‎January ‎14, ‎2013.

The event is sponsored and held by Friends of Jordan Festivals who hosted last summer’s huge event Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco. This winter Jordan wants to bring a huge snowy event titled: Evolution.


At 11:16 Mrs. Souha Bawab, FJF Executive Director, started the conference, first she thanked the Jordanian press for their journalism since 2010 and how much they support such events that improves the tourism in Jordan. At 11:17 Mrs. Bawab thanked Bidaya group for arranging this conference and taking care of everything.

2013-01-14 10.57.12

At 11:18 she gave us a brief about this circus, it’s a Russian circus, the tours the world, the only other Arabic country they have preformed in was UAE in Dubai. Now Amman – Jordan is the next step. Each year the circus arrange another story/play. This year it’s going to be about humans evolution till our time of technology.

2013-01-14 11.04.33

At 11:19 she implied that they picked Wild Jordan as a conference setting for a reason, they want to enforce the idea of the importance of protecting Earth. One of the main factor of these events hosted by FJF is attracting as many tourism interested people as possible such as Sport tourism, Family tourism and Cultural Tourism.

2013-01-14 11.15.56

11:20 Mrs. Bawab said bringing important events to Jordan is a tourist attraction which is very important to Jordan not just to the organization.

2013-01-14 11.16.39

11:21 she asked why did we pick winter you might ask. I will give you one word: the challenge. We wanted to insure that Jordan is not just a tourism spot during summer but during winter as well. It was fun planning this event knowing that the weather is cold and so many snowy storms are coming. The event is related to weather in a way. It’s important for Jordan to always have such events in winter and summer, all year-long.


11:22 Mrs. Bawab thanked the sponsors especially Tourism Promotion Authority in Jordan.

IMG_039311:26 She said how much it means to them that many numbers of the Jordanian society must attend such events, not just the tourists but the local people as well, from any social class. That’s why it’s very important for kids from UNICEF, for example must attend such events. That’s why so many people will have extra tickets to make sure many people can attend. People they know can’t pay for their tickets. She said there are many platforms to selling tickets such as


11:27 Mrs, Tohama Nabolsi, director of media and communications at the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) was our second speaker. She said that tourists and the press should know and understand that Jordan might be a country in the midst of political turmoil, but that doesn’t mean that Jordan isn’t a safe country.


11:28 Mrs. Bawab insured Mrs. Tohama’s point and said that 30% of last summer’s audience were from outside of Jordan which is very good.


11:30 Mrs. Tohama said that all events cost a lot, but it returns revenues to the Jordanian economy by eight-tenths.

IMG_039411:31 Mr. Anwar greeted the audience and said that he is here on behalf of the Royal Jordanian. Informing us that 20% of the event is sponsored by Royal Jordanian.

11:33 Ms. Angel, our fourth speaker thanked Bank al Etihad for their support.

IMG_039511:34 the press questions began. Aldeyar Newspaper asked Tohama about their marketing plan for the travel and tourism agencies and how to attend the event. One journalist commented that the event was very short noticed. Souha agreed with him.

11:39 Rola Asfour from Rotana Magazine asked about the shows, tickets and time. We were informed that there will be 2 shows a day for two hours per show, six times.

11:40 Souha said that she hopes there would be school shows around the 13 February 2013. The tickets will cost 25 – 40 – 60 JODs.

11:41 A man called Omar asked about making the shows more varied, not just circus shows. Someone like Richard Clayderman or Yanni. Or even opera singers. More family events that grownups will enjoy as well. The girl next to me was squealing at Yanni.

11:44 Souha said there might be musical shows this summer such as Mamma Mia and The Sound of Music.

2013-01-14 11.55.20

11:46 Souha proceeded on talking about special care organizations such as King Hussein Cancer Center.

11:50 another man said that as a father he found the prices of food and drinks during the last event too pricey  So many people agreed with the statement.

2013-01-14 11.54.09

12:00 the conference was over on a good note, everyone started chatting, some TVs made interviews with the speakers and finger food and beverages were offered. It was nicely arranged. It was a simple and elegant affair.

2013-01-14 11.54.17

I hope to attend the event like last year, but I hope this will be much nicer. I didn’t enjoy last year’s event for so many reasons. I hope you enjoyed my minutes of meeting style notes.

And as a bonus, I appeared in Layalina magazine as well:

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