Let Them Eat Cake

Today I woke up trying to feel better… but all I can think of is pain, hurt and anger… I decided to find a new swear word… LOL, yeah I know, I don’t swear much, and I hate nasty words, so I thought about the meanest thing anyone said to another person, and it hit me, the so-called phrase, said to be said by Marie Antoinette [which I don’t believe she said, but if she did I’m sure she didn’t mean to be mean]: “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“. Which means: “Let them eat cake.”


It is said when people came hungry, mad and screaming to coup d’etat the royal family in the French revolution, the Royal entourage told Marie Antoinette that her people are hungry and they ask for bread, so she said coolly: “Let them eat cake.”

It felt like: “Screw them! Let them die!” So, this is my new swear word!


So I put on the DVD of the movie and I watched it, one of my favorites, truly… Sofia Coppola did a great job… the photoage, food, colors, story, fashion, Kirsten Dunst, soundtrack… everything. I LOVE this story.


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