Lady Russell: Anne! Who is Admiral Croft? And why does he cause you to be out of countenance? Anne.
Anne Elliot: Admiral Croft’s wife is… is…
Lady Russell: Mrs. Croft.
Anne Elliot: Indeed. And Mrs. Croft is the sister of Captain… Frederick Wentworth.
Lady Russell: Wentworth? I see. I see.
Anne Elliot: To think that soon he may be walking through this house.
Lady Russell: Anne, you know your father thought him a most unsuitable match. He would never have countenanced an alliance he deemed so degrading.
Anne Elliot: He was not alone as I recall.
Lady Russell: My dear, to become engaged at 19, in the middle of a war, to a young naval officer who had no fortune and no expectations. You would indeed be throwing yourself away. And I should have been failing in my duty as your godmother if I did not counsel against it. You were young and it was entirely prudent to break off the understanding.

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