An Invitation to Cirque de Glace Rehearsals

On Monday 11 February 2013, I got another cute invitation from Shereen Hatough from Bidaya… this time the invitation was to watch, Tweet, take photos and write about Cirque de Glace rehearsals.

“Your invited to Cirque de Glace’s back stage rehearsals on Wednesday the 13th of February. It will take place in the Cultural Palace, from 12 am till 2 pm. We would love to have you and share this experience with us.”

After such an email with the words “back stage rehearsals” I obviously couldn’t NOT attend. It meant meeting the athletes and stars who will bright the Jordanian night in Valentine’s Day before any other press, paper or TV… I was SO excited!


I took my mom with me to both show and rehearsal. She loves such things just like I do… though many of my friends especially at Kayan were dying to go, I wish I had more tickets to give them all, maybe next time. But allow me this once to be utterly selfish (^_~) and enjoy it.

On Wednesday, one day before the big night, Suha and I went to Sports City to the Cultural Palace, many people were there, crews fixing snacks booths and spotlights  helpers who delivered food to the dancers volunteers were wearing black T-shirts, most of them worked in ushering crowds into their right seats, the Bidaya team all wearing red T-shirts for any inquiry and help and many people from press such as freelance photographers, professional bloggers, TVs and so on in the event.


We even met a photographer all the way from Libya called Issam Alfutori. He was at the rehearsals since 7 am. We all noticed how hard it is to photograph the dancers because their movements on snow was too fast for the lenses. I took photos my way and they looked amazing, even with the blurry movements… I will share them later on.

Sitting in the first row or coming closer to the stage when all the hall was freezing with all the ACs on in mid February was too frosty, but the feel of the flying bits of ice, the sound of the sharp skates cutting through the stage and watching the dancers move like angels flying in the air with all the spectrum lights and fog was breathtaking! Just like a dream…


All the show was amazing, but my favorite parts were the theme song and when the pretty dancer sitting on her Globe came representing mother nature and Earth… these photos were spectacular… I loved the gymnast woman who did flips on a narrow board as well… I loved the band playing savagely behind with Joe Blanks on drums. I loved the feel of nature, fairies all over the story of our Earth, how it was born, made, inhabited by animals and humans than technology.


Gorgeous show really, spectacular.


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