Grow More Alike

tumblr_lp8iw0OEBl1qjq6xpo1_250 tumblr_lp8iw0OEBl1qjq6xpo2_250


Anne: And yet, I’m sure in time they will grow more alike. Captain Benwick will gain high spirits and cheerfulness and she will…

Wentworth: Relish for morbid poetry.

[they laugh]

Anne: Just so.

tumblr_m64i8tfEmT1r4grm0o1_250 tumblr_m64i8tfEmT1r4grm0o2_250 tumblr_m64i8tfEmT1r4grm0o3_250 tumblr_m64i8tfEmT1r4grm0o4_250 tumblr_m64i8tfEmT1r4grm0o5_250 tumblr_m64i8tfEmT1r4grm0o6_250


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