Utterly Misinformed

Captain Wentworth: [distressed and avoiding making eye contact] I have been charged by the Admiral… That is Admiral Croft has been confidently informed that Mr. Elliot… That everything is now set in your family for a marriage between yourself and Mr. Elliot. It was added that you were to live at Kellynch. The Admiral wished me to say that if this is the case that his lease will be canceled and he and my sister will find themselves another house… What answer should I give the Admiral.
Anne Elliot: You will please thank the Admiral for me, but I must tell you that he is utterly misinformed.
[Captain Wentworth suddenly makes eye contact]
Captain Wentworth: [hopeful] Misinformed? Utterly?
Anne Elliot: Quite mistaken.
Captain Wentworth: No truth in any of it?
Anne Elliot: None.

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