Jane Austen Marathon

I woke up tired today, after the haircut, the stomach ache and work week, I need the rest… but I didn’t feel like staying in my PJ’s  I guess I needed to put my clothes and makeup on to feel better about the new change in my look.

So I put on a movie… I watched “Mansfield Park” the 2007 movie, I have always hated the 1999 version, so not Austen.


I loved Edmund and Fanny, I loved how all of a sudden he discovered he loved her all along when she knew it from the start. Fanny always loved Edmund, and she watched Mary Crawford and Edmund fall in love silently, she didn’t interfere  didn’t damage what they had, though Edmund told her everything and trusted her so. Fanny Price is just a good girl with a good heart.

Afterward, I watched “Northanger Abbey” also made in 2007. First, I love Felicity Jones, and second, I love that the movie/book is about a book lover.


Though I always have hated Isabella and John Thorpe, it’s just Catherine Morland “Cathy” is such a good girl with a pure mind of heart and I really wanted her to be with Henry Tilney… Of course it’s an Austen novel and Austen LOVES happy endings. I love her quote:

My characters shall have, after a little trouble, all that they desire.

And I love the fact that someone read our minds and decided to make all Northanger Abbey fans happy by making a movie passed on “The Monk”. Isn’t exciting? I can’t wait to watch this movie. It was released in 2011, but I only recently heard of it.


After that, I watched my favorite “Persuasion” also made 2007, I wasn’t a fan of 1995 version, it’s not bad but not my favorite either. And then I noticed I am having a Jane Austen marathon… haven’t had one in a long time… it’s just that I could watch my favorites over and over again…


I then started watching 2007 “The Jane Austen Book Club”, and as always I cried a bit when Prudie talked about her parents. I love this movie, though I never understood Allegra’s story or why all the drama happened afterward with her girlfriend. But I LOVE Grigg, he could be an Austen man and I really love his relationship with Jocelyn, and I love that the movie is about Jane Austen and book lovers entwined with real life, real people, real love and second chances.


When that was finished I put 2005 “Pride and Prejudice”… I just reached the part when Elizabeth and Jane are in bed talking about the ball, Mr. Benignly and Mr. Darcy’s bad behavior. Oh I just LOVE this movie, “Pride and Prejudice” and “Persuasion” always fight for first place, but in my heart of hearts “Pride and Prejudice” always wins… but all six of Jane Austen’s books and movies are my favorite, I love each copy and each version, I love movies passed on her novels like Bride and Prejudice, Aisha, Clueless and Bridget Jones’s Diary.


I just love her and love her stories… I guess after “Pride and Prejudice” I will watch either “Emma” 2009 or “Lost in Austen” 2008 miniseries…

They are making one of Shannon Hale’s books “Austenland” into a 2013 movie… I can’t wait to watch it!! I hope they put it in theaters here in Amman, it was released in January 18, 2013.


Well, that’s all I would say right now, got to get back to my Austen World!



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