Poke on Facebook: Means War!

I am poking but I am rarely looking, you see so many “Pokes” come my way on Facebook, I used to delete them or ignore them, but lately I decided to be nicer and poke everyone back… the thing is, I rarely look on the profiles of whom is poking me.

But really, what does “Poke” mean? Is it “Hello, I am there and I am interested”? Or is it “Oh, you are hot and I am flirting”? Or “Hello, can we be friends”?

When you know someone, it becomes kind of a war, I call “The Poking War”, in the sense that who pokes “more” or “last” is the winner… usually I enjoy poking but sometimes it annoys me… can’t decide if I like it or dislike it more.

In any case, I thought about “sharing” my “poking” views.



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