Electronically Drifting Apart

We live in a rude century, in a rude world, in a rude time, that the most civility you give others is by locking them out of your senses by putting on high MP3 music or reading in cafe and ignoring their presence and words.

Don’t get me wrong, I do that too, I guess all of us do, but sometimes I wonder about that, we act as if each of us lives in their own world when actually we live in one world with so much proximity and energy, breathing the same air, seeing the same sky, having “almost” the same experiences.

But we don’t really see, hear or talk with each other… we live like strangers or creatures that do not speak in the same tongue, as if we are like air and fire, birds and lions… though all the technology created to pull us together only made it easier for us to drift apart…

I told my friend yesterday that in the old days, people would wait for months for each other, they would visit, talk,  enjoy each other, write long letters, really care and miss each other… Now, we have everything to connect us to each other but no will to do so.

Isn’t it sad?



4 thoughts on “Electronically Drifting Apart

  1. I totally agree! Technology, has made it so easy to keep in touch, but its impossible to miss anyone. It has also made us a prisoner to time and communication. Sometimes I feel suffocated by having to respond to messages within this 24 hr time period or its somehow taboo and rude.


    • Oh yes, I feel you… Sometime I delete people on Facebook for that reason, I feel suffocated, communications laws has totally changed, nothing is the same after the internet anymore.


  2. I’m a bit late in writing a reply to this post, but I just found it, so I hope that you see it. I totally agree with you Dana. This is something that I’ve pondered for some time now, and it bothers me. I think that technology, as great as it can be, sometimes pulls us apart more so than it does in bringing us together. I mean, it’s cool because without it, we probably never would have gotten to know each other and I never would have met any of my other friends throughout the world without it. But it has its disadvantages as well, which you have very well noted in your post. I once went to a restaurant and saw a family sitting at a table, and no one spoke to each other! The parents were on smart phones, one of the older “teen-like” kids was listening to an iPod, and the younger siblings were playing on a tablet! Not one person spoke to each other at the table. Isn’t that just sad? And they were a family! But I see this all the time. I ride the bus quite often, to and from work. And every day, I see a number of people staring down at their phones or iPods and not once looking up to speak to the person in front of them or even beside them.
    And you are so right about us living in a rude time and in a rude world. I’ve noticed on how mean people can be online as opposed to in person. I think that’s because they don’t have to look at the other person’s face to see what damage they’ve done with their words. They don’t have to face them afterwards. I believe that’s how cyber bullying got started. I was bullied all the time back when I was in school; physically bullied. But this new type of bullying I think is just as destructive, if not more so.
    And like you told your friend, back before all this technology came about, people actually talked to one another and wrote letters to communicate. I still do that; write letters to people. It’s slower and takes time, but that’s part of the fun of it! Everything’s so fast and high paced now, the fun and anticipation of writing to a friend is lost.
    The art of true communication is lost in this digital world…

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  3. Also, if I may add, this is why I haven’t been on Facebook for so long. Someone really hurt me on there and I feel that I can’t go back yet. One day maybe I will…
    But isn’t it amazing at how just a few typed words can devastate a person? You’re right. Nothing is the same after the Internet anymore. And that’s especially true concerning Facebook… 😦

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