My First “Haute Couture” Piece

Last Monday has been such a wonderful day! So many good things has happened, that I had to thank God for all his gifts through out the day, His generosity sometimes surprises me… and I am very thankful still…

First thing when I reached work, I felt a bit tired, so I asked my friend Dana Faddah to drive me to the nearest pharmacy, it was still way too early for independent pharmacies to be open so we went to a shopping center (my favorite) Cozmo.

2013-05-06 09.29.19

I got my medicine, so I thought why not get some healthy food from my favorite booth/refrigerator “B@c-For Life” [B@C is for books@cafe]… Dana and I went to get some when we found the man who changes and brings the food, we asked him what he makes of the leftovers daily, he said he gives them to hungry people or whoever asks for them, so we asked if we could bring some to Kayan. He agreed, and he was so nice and generous, the office was in rapture and they all loved the food… it made me so happy.

2013-05-06 13.28.38

Afterward in our lunch break, some of us went to Coffee Republic and had iced tea under huge umbrellas, and a friend took me into a motorcycle ride… I felt 16, silly, young, free and stupidly happy with giddiness.

2013-05-06 14.03.55

Laster after the break, I got a gift delivered to me through DHL, a silk scarf from Orvana – London, called the MilliondollarScarf:

2013-05-06 14.04.30

“An exclusive satin silk scarf design created by artist Wendy Plovmand combining different fine art techniques. Delicately hand hemmed edges.

Width: 100 cm / 39”
Length: 100 cm / 39”

100% Silk.
Dry clean only.
£145.00 + free p&p [157.71 JOD]

2013-05-11 16.25.52

It’s designed by artist Wendy Plovmand. Getting it was like a dream come true… my VERY FIRST Haute couture piece. And it’s signed by the designer as well.

2013-05-11 16.13.23The gift made me so happy, jumping and squealing for about 30 minutes! It’s simply gorgeous… I couldn’t even open or wear it until now, now I am wondering what’s the best outfit to wear such a beautiful expensive scarf… Any advice? Ideas?

2013-05-11 16.13.34That day made me feel so alive, so happy, so beautiful, thanks to all who made my day amazing and thanks to Allah… perfect simple day… just back to life… back to join the living… my mom is enchanted with the scarf… she is the first person to open it [I hated that a little] but it’s fine… I guess I needed the push to actually open it.

2013-05-13 09.17.46


2 thoughts on “My First “Haute Couture” Piece

  1. Wow! so pleased to see our orvana Milliondollar scarf looking worth its name on a beautiful lady. Thank you Dana Al-Basha for posting such gorgeous pictures of you in Orvana silk scarf 🙂


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