Nawal El Zoghbi

Nawal El Zoghbi

Nawal is one of my top favorite singers in the Arabic world… I love her songs, voice, style and I used to be a huge fan of her beauty until her plastic surgeries destroyed her natural look. Still, I love her… I added this photo, because it was on the ticket of my first concert ever, and Nawal looked amazing… It was a great concert. Hope to attend one of hers soon.


7 thoughts on “Nawal El Zoghbi

  1. Dearest Dana, yes she is a fabulous singer and do not hold the plastic surgeries against her too much. Unfortunately she follows a trend in the entertainment world to correct any minor flaw they perceive themselves to have, without understanding that we initially fell in love with them for their talent and for just the way they were!
    Forever your devoted friend, Ken


    • Very true Kenneth, I agree with you, what upsets me is the trend is spreading to all kind of people… everyone has imperfections, I don’t think people should have a perfect look to be called beautiful.


  2. My dearest Dana, you are so correct and it hurts me when people I admire go this route even when they were handsome and/or beautiful to begin with. Please always be true to yourself, as you are incredibly beautiful both inside and out!!!
    Forever yours, Ken


  3. Dearest Dana, always be true to yourself and you will always be lovely. P.S., I think you have a long time to go before you need to worry about wrinkles, milady fair!! ❤


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