STOMPing in Amman

16 May 2013 marked a few important things for me, first, it was my youngest brother 21st birthday, on another hand, as a writer and blogger, I was invited to attend one of the top events here in Jordan for year 2013 by my dear friend Zayna Al-Hamarneh. I was invited to the first show in the Cultural Palace in Al Hussein Youth City at 8:00 pm.


As a blogger, I was to arrive at 5:00 and because I couldn’t leave the office sooner the other day and get my promotional ticket from Sarah Sharif, I had to come earlier and get it from her, I want to thank Sarah for her sweetness.

I arrived early as planned because I had a doctor appointment, to say the least I was too tired to go but when I arrived and saw all the activity coursing through the attendees I felt an adrenaline rush coursing through me, waking me up and making me giddy with excitement.


I met many new people and even came across some old acquaintances, I saw an old school teach and coach, Mr. Khaldoun and a few newbies from Amman Baptist School, I saw an old classmate Ms. Luma Qaqish, and a new adorable friend Ms. Diana Abu Huwaij, a new Zumba instructor I met through coach Suha Younis.

Basically from 5:00 till 8:00 I spent socializing and talking with people… I met some of Umniah‘s team, who were all there, giving promotional water bottles for the freezing crowds clamoring outside. I even gave an interview to one of their team, I just hope I looked good and didn’t sound stupid and freezing.

2013-05-16 21.48.06

The event was presented by Umniah and sponsored by Coca-Cola, both teams were amazing and I had fun speaking to them and even got a few photos, sadly my camera wasn’t at it’s best shape, most of the images [to my frustration] were blurry and unclear. In any case, photography wasn’t permissible through the event so I only took photos before and after the event.

2013-05-16 21.51.29

I met some Journalists as well, such as Reuters crew, Al-Ghad friend Ms. Esra and so many others… One of the things that made my evening even better, is meeting people who are followers of my blog and who enjoy reading it, someone even asked if she can write in it with me… I felt very happy meeting some of my readers.


The show started around 8:00. It began all of a sudden, the lights went down and focused on the stage, the stage is designed into two sections, downstairs and upstairs.


What amazed me is that we all make such noises daily, a fork, an empty bottle, sipping coke, clapping thighs nervously… but none of it sounded like my music until I watched that show… it attached all senses… my hearing, my eyes… I was filled with rhythm… everyone was, but what made the show great is the team of 8 people, 2 girls and 2 men, who though on the stage connected with people and made them laugh so hard, the show was even stimulating to the mind, two guys reminded me of Timon and Pumbaa. Though they were absent from the second show I attended. Timon made the people pee their pants laughing, he was short, thin and dark skinned and though her rarely smiled, he made people laugh as soon as he was on stage.


The style of clothes was very much grungy with dirty patches on loose fabrics, the all wore huge shoes for strong effect… they never stopped moving.

The show took two hours, when we reached 9:00 the show took place upstairs, than downstairs again… One of the best things about the show, is how much people interacted with the band, the clapped when asked to, laughed hard at every joke and were very supportive until the end… so many people didn’t want the show to end, some teens even went wild and imitated the dancers after the show.


Everyone left the hall, laughing and talking enthusiastically, and a cold coffee company called Yo Caffe gave everyone free coffee, I took the one with caramel though I am not much of a coffee person.

It was such a lovely night, filled with many interesting people and a great show. I would like to thank the teams of MODE and “16th of May” for such an event, for their invite and everything.

For images of the event, please visit my Facebook fan page. Xx


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