Press Conference for When I Saw You

Dear Wonderful Tweeps! 
ATICO Fakhreldin Group proudly invites you to attend a press conference followed by lunch on
Wednesday, June 5th 2013 12:00 PM at The Café 
about ATICO Fakhreldin Group presenting the Screening of the Palestinian movie “When I Saw You”!
We look forward to seeing you there!
Best Regards,
On the 2nd of June, the Creative and Social Media Executive of MODE Ms. Sarah Sharif, sent me this lovely invitation. Of course I was head-over-heels excited! I LOVE cinema… I adore everything about it, from that bottle of soda and bucket of popcorn to the beautiful sitting and sound system. All in all, I am a HUGE fan of the movie making business.
The conference took place in Wild Jordan Cafe, because it’s part of ATICO Fakhreldin Group and because ATICO Fakhreldin Group is the main presenter and producer of the Palestinian movie When I Saw You.
The movie is directed by Annemarie JacirWhen I Saw You is a story about a young boy and what “home” means to him. The slogan of the movie is:
Some people follow the masses, others the sun…
When I first entered Wild Jordan with Suha Younis, I found many friends and acquaintances there and of course among them was the beautiful Zayna Hamarneh from MODE. I got her and Sarah two blue Orchids as a thank you gesture and dear Zayna pointed out that the flower’s colors are similar to MODE’s logo colors which made me smile.
Khaled ElAhmad was there as well, twitting and socializing. It’s always nice to meet a maven in social media and Ms. Ezra’a Ahmad from AlGhad Newspaper. Oh and many more, of course I love it when I meet new people such as the lovely Ms. DiNa AbaNdah and Maen Aloquili. It was such a pleasure meeting them and having lunch with them.
The conference started at 12:25 with Zayna introducing the director, two producers and two actors in the movie. We all agreed that the conference shall continue in our language, in Arabic.
One of the funny facts about that day especially -pointed out by Mr. Ossama Bawardi-, that the 5th of June happened to be the first day of the Six-Day War “Al-Naksah/The Setback” War of 1967, and the movie was set in that time. As Annemarie Jacir said: “A time filled with hope.” She pointed out that this movie isn’t about politics, it’s just a humanitarian movie reflected in the eyes of her 12 year hero Tariq aka Mahmoud Asfa.
The representative of ATICO Fakhreldin Group Mr. Azzam Fakhriddin, said that ATICO’s vision isn’t all about profit and isn’t just about good cuisnes. They want to add to their belt a feeling of humanity and dissemination of culture and supporting local talents such as Annemarie’s. And for  the credibility of the direction of the goals, Mr. Azzam added that they wouldn’t mind of course to have two in one: Moral and material profit.
The movie has been nominated 5 times and the Jordan premiere shall take place in Taj Mall in the 12th of June 2013. And later on, it will show in all the local theaters in the 13th.
We viewed the movie trailer as well. Annemarie pointed that this is not a Hollywood movie, it’s a team effort for Arabs. She said that she picked Mahmoud Asfa from Irbid from more than 200 boys because he was so similar to her character Taiq. She said that Tariq is a symbol of hope, and everyone needs hope and he seemed older than his years. She added that’s why she picked 1967, it was a time of war indeed but the Arab world was filled with hope of a better world unlike our days. She said that the cast and crew were 95% local. They began working on the movie in 2011.
Mr. Ossama Bawardi added that the main idea is a story of a young boy wanting badly to return home to Palestine and leaving the refugee camp. Many people and corporate took interest in Annemarie’s cause and movie including Khalid Shoman Foundation and Fund support.
The refugee camp was built from scratch on 15 acres in a place called الباكورة/Firstlings/El Bakura. The weapons for the fedayeen were provided from the Jordanian Army.
Annemarie said that she wanted the first premiere of the movie to be in Jerusalem. But sadly there are no theaters for Palestinians in Palestine.
Mr. Azzam Fakhriddin added that we all should expect more from our local talents and support them such as the on-coming jazz festival. He believes that this is the only way to put Jordan on the world tourism map, and that only can be achieved by presenting something from the heart. Something original. He added that they supported Annemarie for example because they believed in her.
The two actors Anas Algaralleh and Ali Elayan also talked about their roles and upcoming work, they talked about their experience on the set and how they view the story. The whole team laughed saying that our young star Mahmoud Asfa couldn’t join us because he had a school exam, everyone giggled.
Afterward, I introduced myself to the cast and Annemarie, than we all headed to lunch which was simply delicious and enjoyable, people talked and laughed. It was an elegant affair. Thank you Zayna Hamarneh and MODE again for such a wonderful invite. I always enjoy your events.

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