Invitation to Haute Couture

On the 24th of May, my friend Khaled Elahmad contacted me and sent me an invitation to his sister’s Eman Elahmad fashion show. I was so excited of course, not only to go to a fashion show, as I am a fashionista, but I also was never invited to a private fashion show before… to say I was excited would be the understatement of the century.

I also was very flattered to get an invitation from the social media king in Amman and meet his sisters. You see when I contacted Eman to get the invitations cards I met yet another Elahmad sibling, Mrs. Ghada Elahmad.

A day before the event, I went to Mrs. Ghada’s grand beautiful house and got two invitations. I couldn’t sleep well that night, I kept wondering what to wear, how much makeup to put, what are the important questions to ask… et cetera, et cetera…

Keep your eyes open to the next post about the grand event… this after all, is just a teaser!


2013-07-01 18.12.16


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