“When I Saw You” Premiere Night

On the occasion of the new ATICO Jewels Reward Program
in association with Bank al Etihad
ATICO Fakhreldin Group
would like to cordially invite you to the avant premiere of
the global award-winning Jordanian movie
“لمّا شفتك”
in the presence of cast & crew
*Winner of the NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film at Berlin International Film Festival 2013
*Winner of Best Arab Film, Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012
*Official Oscar Entry for 2013 for Best Foreign Language Film 2013
*Final Nomination for Young Artists Award for Mahmoud Asfa, 2013
“A poetic tour de force!” – Toronto International Film Festival   “Beautiful, groundbreaking and deeply, deeply moving.” – Huffington Post
“One of the best works to come out of the current explosion in filmmaking in the Middle Eat… Reminiscent of Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Che!” – Indiewire
at the newly opened TAJ Cinemas on Wednesday 12th of June 2013, 7:00 pm
RSVP to this mail or 0786433053 to reserve your cinema seat.
See you there 🙂
2013-06-12 18.29.42 2013-06-12 18.29.48
On the 9th of June 2013, I got a most awaited invitation to attend the movie premiere of ” When I Saw You“. A Palestinian Jordanian movie directed by Annemarie Jacir, about the sad events of the 1967 war.
On a sparkly evening at Taj Mall theaters, set on a Wednesday at 7:00 invited people collected to a cocktail gathering before the huge launch.
2013-06-12 18.28.26
Red carpets was laid, ladies wore elegant attire, gentlemen splashed their perfumes, photographers readied their cameras, and everyone was chattering most enthusiastically about what would the movie be like. Even one of the movie cast admitted that this would be his first time seeing the movie as a whole.
Jazz music was playing in the background by two gentlemen, one of them I knew from before, his name is Chris. Annemarie Jacir looked radiant in a beautiful fitted red dress with a high up-do to her red curls, her cast was around her and all so protective of their young co-star Mahmoud Asfa who played the little rebel Tariq. His parents and younger sister [with the most beautiful bright eyes] were so happy and proud of their little boy.
2013-06-12 18.32.51
Delicious mini snacks was circling around with liquor and juice in elegant long glasses, people were merry, chatting, snacking and drink their bubbly drinks. Bank al Etihad booth girl even gave me a mini mint box with the bank’s logo on it. All the serving cast was wearing the same T-shirt with the movie slogan on it “Some people follow the masses, others the sun…”, a little booth was set outside showing some of the weapons used in the movie.
I believe the catering was by none other than our hosts ATICO Fakhreldin Group, I LOVED the sushi with the red and green stuffing. Magazine and freelance photographers were everywhere, snapping photos and filling the vivacious evening with glittering lights and smiling posing faces. Friends and acquaintance embraced and  chitchatted.
2013-06-12 19.27.22
I met many acquaintances, and was introduced to new ones such as the eccentric film making twins Ahmed and Mohamed Abu Nasser – now known internationally as Tarzan and Arab. I chitchatted with Sarah Sharif and her cute friend Razan Nour,  Annemarie Jacir and her cast, the always busy and charming Zayna HamarnehKhaled ElAhmad and his lovely wife and many more.
After awhile the Taj Mall theaters crew started spreading popcorn and soda cans to the eager audience. Well, I personally, can NOT watch a movie in a cinema without that pocket of popcorn and soda can.
2013-06-12 19.48.17
After an hour or two, our host Mr. Azzam Fakhriddin, announced that theaters were ready and we all and free to pick any of them and enjoy the movie.
Theaters were lightly stocked, which was better to enjoy the movie and understand it fully. *SPOILERS ALERT*: If you haven’t watched the movie PLEASE don’t read the last part.
The movie tells the story of a smart, stubborn and independent 11-year-old boy named Tariq. Tariq is mad at the world, at his teacher, his mother, the refuge camp… he misses their home, his father, his school and friends back in Palestine… he blames his mother for leaving their father behind, for running away from Palestine.
In school Tariq is much smarter than the rest of the class, smarter even than his teacher, which drives his teacher over the edge daily. As all young boys, there is always that girl that makes everything okay, a little girl in his classroom, while talking one day, Tariq says to the girl “I will marry you when we grow up”. She declines and says “No, I will marry a Fedayee and I will become one myself.”
2013-06-21 19.03.05
That day, the girl’s brother Layth leaves to join the Fedayeen… and as always all the vehicles driving Palestinian refugees to the camp never have Tariq’s father, Tariq decides to follow the sun and return home to his father and Palestine.
Tariq’s mom knows instantly that her son ran away and follows him, in the main time Traiq crosses over and meet different people some were nice to him others weren’t so hospitable to a refugee and when he finally loses hope and so thirsty, he falls down to be rescued by none other than their girl’s brother Layth [He is gorgeous!].
With some resistance at first, Tariq fits right in, taking part of the Fedayeen’s daily practice routine. But everyone was too slow to his liking. His mother reaches him and the struggle begins again.
Annemarie Jacir left the ending open to how much hope you have… the essence of this story is hope. Tariq in away symbols hope. A hope of returning home, home to Palestine.
Tariq and his mom run to the Israelite borderline, while the Fedayeen are watching, you see in their eyes that they all think Tariq and mom are going to get shot. But the audience never see if Tariq and his mom reach their distention and embrace to sun. As I am always an optimist, I decided to believe that they somehow returned home, and ran through the borderline.
2013-06-21 19.03.12
After all there is no hope, no dreams, no goals without some hope…

سنرجع يوماً الى حينا و نغرق في دافئات المنى
سنرجع مهما يمر الزمان و تنأى المسافات ما بيننا

To view all the taken photos, please visit Dana’s Sanctuary‘s page on Facebook.

2013-06-12 18.35.11


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