Love, Love Alone

It`s love and love alone
That caused King Edward to leave his throne
It`s love, it`s love, it`s love alone
That caused King Edward to leave his throne.

I know King Edward was noble and great
But It`s love what caused him to abdicate.


I know my mama she gonna grieve
He said `I cannot help it but I`m bound to leave.`

And he got the money and he got the talk
And the fancy walk just to suit New York.

You can take me throne, you can take me crown,
But leave me Miss Simpson to renown.

Come a reel come a roll upon my mind
I cannot leave Miss Simpson behind

If a plane and a ship don`t carry me free
I`ll walk with Miss Simpson across the sea.


On the tenth of December you heard the talk
When he gave the throne to the Duke of York.

Then Baldwin want to break down his stand
He said,`I`m giving up with my government!`

Now he`s the victim of circumstance
Now they live in the south of France.

If you see Mrs. Simpson across the street
You can guarantee she is a busy bee.

Let the organ roll, let the church bell ring
He said, `Good luck` to our second bachelor King.

“Dance for me, Wallis.”

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