Ladies Rendezvous

rendezvous  [ren·dez·vous] (Noun)

  1. A meeting at an agreed time and place, typically between two people.
  2. A place used for such a meeting.
meeting – date – appointment – tryst – assignation

Rendezvous could also mean: resort, spa, sanatorium,  rest home, rest house… Now that you get the idea, you could see how I mixed two meanings in one title. Or you’ll see what I meant now.


I woke up lazily, and I did what I usually do every morning, but all of a sudden my day turned from routine to oh-la-laa in under a second. I got a message from Sarah Sharif inviting me to a day with the girls in a spa! To say I was excited would be nothing! I love anything related to beauty and self-care.


I was to meet Zayna HamarnehRazan Nour, and Sarah Sharif and other girls in a spa called Amarah Spa, located between Abdoun and Sweifieh around 3:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m.


When I found the place I rushed in the building excited to start pampering myself. I entered to find all the girls already there, laughing, talking and wondering what’s our package.


To me if manicure and pedicure were in than everything else would have been just fine… and they were. I was introduce to the owner Salma, such a pretty lady and all of the other girls.


We began by changing our clothes and wearing swimming suits and our lovely fluffy robes and flowery slippers. My robe was green and my slippers were bright yellow.


I began socking up in the Jacuzzi… to tell you the truth, it was way too hot for that, but it was needed to the Moroccan bath. Next I went to the steaming room which was suffocating, but it’s good for the skin they say. And then I went and got myself cleaned up in the Moroccan bath style [truly painful] and afterward I reached my favorite part… manicure and pedicure. I picked a cute peach color called Tart Deco from Essie. During that I got a message for my back and neck.


I cleaned up, looking relaxed, got dressed and headed out for a meal. It was such a good day.

Thanks ladies, for the invitation and the fun. Xxx



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