Until I Die

While Edith Piaf’s La vie en rose played in the background softly while I coughed and sniffled irritated by the fever and flu, I flipped open the gorgeous purple cover of Amy Plum’s sequel book [the red one] to “Die for Me“: “Until I Die“… and I was transferred to Revenants’s Paris and I got lost in Kate and Vincent’s story, yet again.

I simply loved the first book, read it 3 times over since I discovered it and I still feel like rereading it again.

Kate is an art lover, bookworm and cinema goer who lost her parents tragically in Brooklyn and had to move to Paris with her social-butterfly of a sister Georgia, who is a year or so older than her. I love Georgia and Kate’s relationship. I wish I had a sister.

Anyway, the girls move in with their grandparents who are antique and art devotees. The whole description in each page from food to art is so FRENCH and so beautiful… it’s like poetry for my bookaholic ears.

Than one day fate decided that Kate must move from her grieve into the arms of a gorgeous mysterious boy named Vincent. Who is so charming and yummy and loves to call her “mon ange“. Kate had a horrible accident while reading in a local cafe and was rescued by her hero Vincent’s friend.


Vincent is always accompanied by two other handsome boys: Jules and Ambrose. Through many events I don’t want to spoil to people who haven’t read this book (but I am sure are dying to right now), Kate discovers that Vincent actually isn’t a normal 19-year-old boy at all, that he actually died years ago and now he guards and saves people lives and dies for them over and over again. And his kind are called “Revenants“.

revenants plural of rev·e·nant
A person who has returned, esp. supposedly from the dead.

Here the true action begins and things start running between romance and horror and Kate trying to get used to the concept of loving one of the “undead“.

Everything in the book is gorgeous until the very last word.

Until I Die carries off exactly where Die for me ended things. That’s what I absolutely loved in this book. I had it months ago but was afraid to read it because usually great first books have horrible sequels.

This is not the case here. Until I Die has the same feeling of the same book, everything that I loved is still there. Everything was well-connected and in strong harmony. For instance, I hate it when an author, remove or make the appearance of supporting characters less important or shallower when couples get together. I hate when authors change the setting or the rhythm of the series. People who fell in love with the first book usually love everything about it without any need for a change.

So Amy Plum aced it. She knew what to serve her readers and how much to keep and how to add new things. The book so far is refreshing. I can’t wait to finish it and get the third book.

Bonne nuit everyone!



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