Airing Dirty Laundry on Social Media Platforms

Sometimes I think that Social Media platforms encourage psychos to stalk other, or raise the psycho in all of us. Social Media isn’t a true reflector of the truth, it only shows the beautiful well-thought of side (usually) of us and our life not the whole package.

It’s a thoughtful process that as perfect as it seems doesn’t show the imperfect truth of all of us. It only shows what we decided to share with our friends, family and stalkers. Laughs, good times, gathering, beautiful things we bought, our beautiful side profile, everything that encourages “حسد” aka “envy”.

Social media reminds me of my mother’s saying: “لا تنشري غسيلك الوسخ للناس” which means: “don’t air your dirty laundry in public”. Take this advice to heart and me included!

Sometimes, some people including myself forget the difference between real life and social media. But I need to point out that social media is real, you are always being watched and everything you write or share is going to stay on Google forever.

I want to advice people not to write or share what they won’t share face-to-face with people. Social Media is good that way, it makes us braver like little cowards behind our screens. On the other hand, I must exclude myself from this point, I am way too honest in real life as well. Sometime, I just beg my mind and mouth to stop working together behind my back!

In the end, this thoughtful idea popped in my head while showering (too much information) but what the hell?! As a writer, all my good ideas come at the worst of times.




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