The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a web series based on “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte.

After obsessing over The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, YouTube suggested yet again a cool modernized adaption of Jane Eyre. I like that the camera is moving more in this and that the main character showed up quickly with little playacting. I love Lizzie playing Mrs. Bennet, don’t get me wrong, but enough is enough… seeing the real people is much more fun.


I reached episode 16 last night, I hope there would be a crazy wife in the attic and the line when Mr. Rochester tells Jane how much he loves her:

“Sometimes I have the strangest feeling about you. Especially when you are near me as you are now. It feels as though I had a string tied here under my left rib where my heart is, tightly knotted to you in a similar fashion. And when you go to Ireland, with all that distance between us, I am afraid that this cord will be snapped, and I shall bleed inwardly.”

I can’t wait for a Wuthering Heights adaption but with a different ending. A happy ending where Heathcliff the bad hot boy get the girl Cathy minus all the revenge and the family and children drama!

The vblog started inย Feb 28, 2013 and reach episode 28 inย Sep 25, 2013 two days ago… so if I finished the aired/online episodes today I will be waiting till they share the next one (^_^) Ooh this is SO exciting!

tumblr_mr7n7vvOr91qhiah7o1_250 tumblr_mr7n7vvOr91qhiah7o2_250 tumblr_mr7n7vvOr91qhiah7o3_250 tumblr_mr7n7vvOr91qhiah7o4_250 tumblr_mr7n7vvOr91qhiah7o5_250 tumblr_mr7n7vvOr91qhiah7o6_250 tumblr_mr7n7vvOr91qhiah7o7_250 tumblr_mr7n7vvOr91qhiah7o8_250


3 thoughts on “The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

  1. Hi Dana!
    Those gifs are simply wonderful! I was wondering if it’s okay for me to use them on my own blog in a post about my favorite web series. My blog is in Dutch btw.

    Hope to hear from you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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