Demencia Music Festival 2013: Ayah Marar

Join us for an evening of music, dancing and giving back to the community. Demencia Music Festival proudly presents the award winning international artist Ayah Marar singing her mega hits, “Flashback” with Calvin Harris, “Mind Controller”, “Thinking About You” and many more! We also present two talented artists from the United Kingdom that are part of Ayah’s team and will take part in Demencia Alongside Ayah; Illaman (rapper) and Troll 23 (Djay)!

The event will kick off with international beats mixed and produced to perfection by the best local DJs. Starting with The Local band “Telefreak”. Telefreak is an innovative Jordanian musical group that performs a show that includes a variety of performances from hip hop and rap to rock, blues, and reggae.

Event profits will be supporting Operation Smile and the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN)! Organized by The Demencia team in cooperation with Blend it Events & Partyware.

As always, I get the best invites from my MODE girls Zayna HamarnehSarah Sharif and Razan Nour. Ladies you are the best!


This time, the invitation was for a local concert by one of our own who made it international, the fabulous Ms. Ayah Marar. Who sings “Thinking About You” with Calvin Harris. One of my favorite songs this summer. I told the girls I am not sure I know Ayah Marar when I came to MODE to get the tickets, they insisted I do, so I Googled her and than opened her clip on YouTube to find out I actually do and I quite adore her songs and that her song “Thinking About You” is actually VEVO certified. (sadly, the VEVO website cannot be viewed from Jordan).


I decided that my outfit must be colorful and comfy, to I went to my American Eagle attire of green pattern tights, dark blue tank-top, chiffon turquoise shirt and neon lined sandals. and I had to add my funky touch. So I wore mini-mouse fake lashes, MACcosmetics red lipstick, H&M mouse/cat (not sure but inspired by Taylor Swift “22” Video Clip) ears and my lovely cat-woman silver nails also from H&M and my bold colorful statement necklace from SUITEBLANCO.


My friend and I headed to Bisharat Golf Club, which is kind of far away from Amman in the way to the airport. We entered the maze of trees and circuitous routes sometimes blocked by sheep.


As it was summer, the sun didn’t sit even at 7:00 pm. The crowd was mostly of teens from the age of 14 till 17. Grownups were scarce but I decided to be a teen that night. So I screamed, jumped and danced until my 27-year-old-legs begged for mercy!


There was a performance with a local band called “Telefreak”, than my favorite that evening a young DJ called Cal. And a few other DJs before Ayah Marar‘s show.


When I finally gave up and sat like all the grownups waiting for Ayah Marar to take the stage, Ayah just passed in front of me and smiled after her crow told everyone to please not attack her and let her go to stage comfortably which even the crazy teens respected.


It was a civilized kind of concert, with everyone wanting to just enjoy Ayah Marar‘s hits and jump. I even saw Rob Stevens from BEAT FM behind me, but to tell you the truth I was way too tired to say a proper hey.


After hearing “Thinking About You” (my song) we left and headed home. I needed to rest and dance in my PJ’s while iTune-ing “Thinking About You” over and over again.


To say the least, my ears lost their hearing for a few days (^_~) I hope for a larger crowd to lose oneself in but all in all good concert… Oh I almost forgot one of my favorite parts: The colorful, glow-in-the-dark accessories from “Blend it Events & Partyware” gave everyone in the audience. So everything was glowing! I got to add that the food and drinks booth was so cool.



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