“Pepe Jeans London” Ruby Anniversary

Hello Dana,

How are you? it was great meeting you at Oysho’s event 🙂

Kindly find the below invitation from the British Ambassador, Mr. Peter Millett, and Pepe Jeans London to attend Pepe Jeans 40thAnniversary party on Tuesday, the 1st of October 2013, at the British Residence as per the attached map.

Your attendance is highly appreciated.

Looking forward for your confirmation.

Best Regards,

Julia Haddad


A few days ago, I got another cool invitation from Julia Haddad and this one seems so exciting!

First of all, I have NEVER ever been invited to an embassy directly, I got invitations through friends and family but never directly to me PERSONALLY, so I am awed.

Second of all, all I keep thinking about is what will I wear! It’s an evening assembly, with a specific dress code. I foresee from the invitation that it will be kind of a cocktail event so heels is a questionable choice. I think it will be inside, because with autumn here the weather outside in the evening is kind of chilly. So a LOT of standing around with mini food on trays and talking to strangers. It’s not a fashion show, so I am not really sure how the clothes will be displayed.

The brand was established in 1973. The brand today has presence in more than 80 countries across the world. The current Pepe jeans logo appeared in 1992.

Guess which brand provided Kate Moss with her first ever advertising campaign? Interesting, no? Now Cara Delevingne is the new face for the brand.

Other famous people who featured Pepe jeans ads such as: Bridget Hall, Alexa Chung, Jason Priestly, Laetitia Casta, Donovan Leitch, Ashton Kutcher, Sienna Miller, Letitia Casta, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now, the brand’s expansion has reached Jordan for a while now. I discovered Pepe jeans in the last few months, and I remember thinking how much I adored the decor and the British flag salute, so I took a photo and Instagram-ed it on the spot.



About a few weeks ago, I went to Pepe jeans event at Mr. Peter Millett‘s house. It was such a magical night. I spent a day or two in a haze afterward, just like when you finish an amazing book but can’t stop thinking about it. The event was phenomenal.


I decided on impulse to wear the heels after all, big mistake, and let me tell you this, I was mistaken, the event was set in the garden behind the villa, it wasn’t as cold as I feared that evening, but it wasn’t warm either. I guess the adrenaline rush I felt made me warm until I reached home afterward and begin shaking like a leaf. What made heels a mistake is the mud, yup, I said “mud”… the whole garden was watered and muddy, which made heels a sinking nightmare!


My +1 for the night, my mom Suha and I parked in close by street and started walking hurriedly to the ambassador’s house, where the lights, music and people were entering wearing such cute clothes. As we entered we found a cute little reception area where we handed our names and numbers to withdrawal on 5 gifts by the end of the evening.


We were lead to the yard through the gardens by little Union Jacks flags, where we saw the elegant crowd sipping refreshments and chit-chatting while munching on mini snacks going by on trays through the long few cocktail tables scattered through the yard.


It was magical. I couldn’t wait to mingle, to find my friends and make new ones, which by the end of the evening I dare say I achieved successfully, which made me blissfully happy and totally enthralled!


I saw of course the lovely Julia Haddad who invited me to the event, she is the cutest creature and apparently a HUGE fan of my blog which made me take a shine to her instantly.


I met with a few enthusiastic friends such as the intelligent Mr. Maen Aloquili, who laughed and announced while high-fiving me: “Dana! We finally made it to the in-crowd!” We laughed hard and decided to enjoy the evening fully especially that Maen Aloquili was actually (and had) left to England the very next week!


Then I met, talked and laughed with my beautiful ladies: Dina AbandahReem SahouryRazan NourSarah Sharif, Batool El-Abdullat and Sarah Hall. Who all looked SO good!


I, of course met many great people such as: Hama Hinnawi a local fashion designer who specializes in Palestinian traditional costumes and she is such a lovely lady. I met also (OF COURSE!) the host of the evening, Mr. Peter Millett, the British Ambassador in Jordan.


And to my absolute delight I met two persons I admire, Mostafa Salameh, the first Jordanian to climb mount Everest (WOW, really!) and the brilliant musician Tareq Al Nasser, who won that evening one of the five giveaways.


And I met the great DJ for the event Ahmad Atalla, who made people dance and sing along. Of course I met many other people, but I wasn’t introduced properly to most and I had a hard time remembering their names with no business cards. But in earnest, I am delighted to have met such lovely and creative people.


Through the evening, a little statue fashion show (what I call models suddenly appearing and standing around on spotlight boxes) was taking part while people moved along, presenting the Pepe jeans 2013/2014 collection.

20131001_195501 20131001_202347

Before that of course a little presentation and a quick movie (which I watched through my research before the event at Pepe jeans website) about Pepe jeans‘s history.

20131001_200946 20131001_201213

The evening was absolutely beautiful, the crowd, the fashion, the people… everything.


I want to thank Peter Millett and Julia Haddad for their lovely invitation, and I hope to meet both of them real soon in the near future.


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