Red Velvet Cake

This past week, I’ve been crazy for sweets, which is not normal for me… I’ve been craving sweets so bad that I HAD to make a cake today.

So I picked Red Velvet Cake from Betty Crocker‘s baking mix cakes. And it’s my VERY first time making this cake.


Now that it’s done and I have tasted it I loved its taste, so did the family but it seems to have two flaws, I added the cream cheese frosting way too soon while the cake is still hot (but I can’t wait, for my ravenous monsters of a family will eat it before long!) and secondly the cake is not rising! 

Mom keeps bugging me about that because she is a sweet chef! I keep telling her I don’t bake often!

I mean I followed all her instruction’s and the box’s instruction and the cake again didn’t rise! What am I doing wrong?!



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