Calla Bird

Calla \c(al)-la\ as a girl’s name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Calla is “beautiful”. From greek “kallos”. Also the name of a flower: the calla lily. Also possibly a variant of Caoilainn an Irish Gaelic name meaning “slim and fair”, or from Kelila meaning “crown of laurel” or a short form of Michaela.

I always have strange dreams. Really strange. About information and things I know nothing about. People, animals, other creatures, historical facts… strange things. But tonight my dream was extremely strange.

In my dream, my mom and I had a surprise visit from one of my aunts and her new daughter, the funny thing was, I had a daughter as well and she was very beautiful. We went on a fun trip and returned to Amman to find it very cold and rainy. I go to my room worried about my books fearing that I might have left the window open. I make sure it’s closed and watch the rain fall heavily. And I see our neighbors house on fire, so I pray that the rain would extinguish it and it does and I feel very happy. Suddenly a huge greenish-grayish bird comes crashing to my window scaring me!

It was a huge dove and I never saw anything like it! (but the thing is, I’m no bird expert, it might have been a pigeon for all I know!) I heard her cooing and I understood it. She was begging me to let her in because she was so cold and she never saw rain before. I felt sorry for her so I cut a bread and left it on the windshield, she turned again begging me harder, telling me she’s not from here, I really felt bad for her, so I told her I would let her in but if she turned out to be a demon or the likes she will be sorry!

She entered after the third turn quickly and sat on my desk, I looked at her and I was surprised to see how beautiful she was, her feathers inside the wings were gorgeous shades of red and suddenly she spoke (actually spoke!) and told me: “How could you think I’m a demon?! I’m Calla, a bird of heaven.”

And I woke up! Startled by the speaking dove! I Googled the dream, but there are no records of such a bird and the meaning of the dream is either really good, or really, really bad! I decided to embrace the good, because I didn’t feel bad in the dream.

Has anyone heard of a Calla bird?



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