Distorted Idea of Beauty

noun: beauty; plural noun: beauties
a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight. Ex: “I was struck by her beauty”


This is one of the main topics spoken frequently when Arabian women or men get together, mostly in a quip and witticism manner.

But as an artist, a writer and a thinker, I reflect a lot about the deformed idea that Arabs have of beauty since Lebanon aired the first TV channels years ago: Future TV and LBC TV.

Of course, things have gone even worse with the expansion of TV and media and the growing effect women like Elissa Khoury, Haifa Wehbe and Nancy Ajram are having on women and men.

I’m all for taking care of oneself and enjoying our bodies and trying new things such as trends and makeup. But what’s going on here isn’t going away and it’s not a trend. It’s spreading like a horrible virus!


Now a days, beauty of course is considered the most important factor in everything, from humans to mundane things. I get that. But since when did “Beauty” mean fake-ness? Too much makeup?! Plastic surgeries?! Actual dis-figuration, paralysis and deformation?!

At first I thought the issue was in the Arabic world alone, until reality TV aired and I watched women acting in the sluttiest of ways on shows like “The Girls Next Door/The Girls of the Playboy Mansion”, showing women as witless sluts. I hate using such words in my blog, but I’m trying to make a point.

As any other 21 century girl I love watching reality TV shows, don’t take me for a snob. But I’m 100% against women degrading themselves for men to use body and soul, and for them to deform themselves to fit a stupid mislead idea of beauty set for all the world as the true standard of beauty!


When did beauty mean true ugliness?! When did it mean for a size 2 to have a D cup bra?! When did huge straight tattooed eyebrows mean perfection!? I mean, really! Why?! When did beauty mean for all, and I mean ALL, women to start looking the same?!

How about difference, imperfection features and traits?! Where did that go?! Are we so selfish, so blind we can’t love another person unless they are “perfect”?

I urge everyone of you to consider what they find beautiful and remember that beauty isn’t in specific features and not cut into pieces… it’s the whole picture. The whole package. That beauty SHOULD be different and treated as an individual piece of art to view, study and admire.

Beauty after all, is a combination of qualities that pleases the eyes and spirit, not too much tan, or plastic surgery or just the outside look, we are not only body. We are bodies, souls, minds, tongues, words, actions, hearts… we are all that and more.

All of these ladies I used their photos are beautiful, that’s why I don’t get why they should look like that, I mean if that’s what our men in this generation go for than we are screwed! Women through history have changed fashion according to men’s whim! Too much makeup, no makeup, now there is a war so dress conservatively, not wearing a thing it’s clubbing time… in all truth, men control fashion and women use it.

When will women think for themselves and build a fashion empires like Coco Chanel?! This woman is phenomenal! She didn’t dress for anyone, she wore what she saw beautiful, what she considered feminine, simple and comfortable. She changed the game forever.

I guess the world is waiting for another woman to change this world again.

Have a beautiful day people!



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