Thor: The Dark World

Last night, I went to one of my favorite places in the whole world: the movie theater. I think cinema is one of humans’ best inventions!

I love the atmosphere, the popcorn and soda, the sound effects, the smell of carpets and chairs cleaning product, the anticipation of watching something real spectacular.

Everything about cinema lures me in. The word itself is very seductive.

noun: cinema; plural noun: cinemas
  1. a movie theater.
    synonyms: movie theatertheatermultiplex, movie house; More

  2. the production of movies as an art or industry.
    “the history of American cinema”
    synonyms: films, movies, pictures, motion pictures

    In any case, I went to watch the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth, fight with his crazy brother and swing around his thunder strong hammer and win the heart of Dr. Jane Foster, the beautiful Natalie Portman. I even got a soda cup with Thor on it and all around it!! Yup, I’m happy! I finally got Chris Hemsworth as a souvenir!


    And of course, I won’t leave out of my favorite additions to the movie industry world the hilarious Kat Dennings. I LOVE her in 2 Broke Girls!

    I’m not gonna write a prolong review of how I adored the movie, but I have to write (plus show) my favorite part. It was the end of the movie, the end credits illustrations before the last scene (you see I don’t leave a theater until all the lights are turned on!)

    In the two movies of Sherlock Holmes (two of my favorites!) I LOVED the art credits, same is here! I would love to learn how to do that! Do you know who is responsible for such a great final surprise?!

    Check them out!



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