Witches of East End

In October 6, 2013, the first episode of “Witches of East End” was aired on Lifetime channel announcing a new series about witchcraft and my new favorite Sunday evening pastime. The series is loosely based on the book series of the same name by Melissa de la Cruz. I had the book for a while, but since I was already busy reading everything else, I had to watch the series and see if I liked it.

This TV series got an A+ from me. First of all, it’s about witches, a subject I am so fascinated with. Second of all, the cast chosen is phenomenal! And last but not least, it has a strong feeling of the 1998 movie “Practical Magic” but instead of Owens we have Beauchamps.

Four beautiful ladies, a mother, two daughters and the mother’s sisters (which makes 4 sisters and a small coven).

This TV series is a must watch, this week marked episode 7 “Unburied”, leaving only another 3 episodes for season finale! Tomorrow episode 8 will air under the title “Snake Eyes”. Hopefully none of my favorite characters will die such as our lovely cat aunt Wendy, who has one last life to spare! This is not “Game of Thrones” people, where all the great characters are brutally murdered!

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