Yalla Pepsi Presenting: Sherine Abdel Wahhab & Youssef Arafat Live in Concert!

Dear Tweeps,

On behalf of PepsiCo Jordan and Bidaya Corporate Communications, I would like to invite you and a friend to Shireen Abdel Wahhab’s concert with the Jordanian star of Arab Idol Yousef Arrafat, on Friday the 1st of November at 7:00 pm at Prince Hamzeh Arena in the Sports City. 

Your confirmation is highly appreciated.
Please feel free to visit our offices in Shmeisani to collect your tickets.


PepsiCo Jordan and Bidaya Corporate Communications

Best Regards,
Shereen Hatough
Social Media Executive

About a month ago, I got this lovely invitation from dear Shereen Hatough, a friend with the best invites to the coolest events. Two VIP tickets to Shireen Abdel Wahhab and Yousef Arrafat‘s concert. On the ticket you can see that this event isn’t just supported by PepsiCo Jordan and Bidaya Corporate Communications, its also a charity event to support Ministry of Water and Irrigation new project in Ajloun \ Zkik Valley to support implementation of the water project in that area.

يعود ريع هذا الحفل بالكامل لدعم تنفيذ المشروع المائي في منطقة عجلون\وادي زقيق والذي سينفذ باشراف وزارة المياه والري

يعود ريع هذا الحفل بالكامل لدعم تنفيذ المشروع المائي في منطقة عجلون\وادي زقيق والذي سينفذ باشراف وزارة المياه والري

On Friday the 1st of November at 6:30 pm, my mom and I were at Prince Hamzeh Arena in the Sports City, the atmosphere was electrical with excitement and the people were collecting on stadium quickly filling every empty spot.


The new ads for PepsiCo were screened on huge screens while we waited for our first star to open the stage, though all the campaign ads are lovely, all the people had a favorite: Yalla Now — Pepsi, whenever this ad played all the Jordanian stadium rocked with the people shouting YALLLLLLLLLA!


What I loved most about this event was the quality of people attending, usually concerts are filled with young men and a few girls, not this time, the amphitheater was filled with families from different age rang, friends jumping with excitement, school girls and boys and many fans holding banners waiting for the show to start, I usually go for dress, because they are my favorite, I was glad to see many other girls and women dressed up and filled with energy just like me!


All through the road, whenever we got closer to the event’s location we saw many signs with Yalla Now Pepsi on them, assuring us we were headed in the right direction.


When we first entered the right gate, there was a red carpet entrance and so many ushers waiting for us to enter with a huge smile, once in, we were greeted with a display of different drinks all sponsored by PepsiCo.


Around 7, one of our beloved comedians Wisam Tbeleh took the stage and announced the concert starting with  the Jordanian star of Arab Idol Yousef Arrafat, and the stadium erupted with screams and clapping the enthusiastic audience all welcoming their star on stage!


As I’m not an Arab Idol fan, I didn’t know Yousef Arrafat and I was delightfully surprised with his voice and great selection of songs from different beloved Arab stars new and old like Amr Diab and Kadim Al Sahir that I sang along and clapped… thoroughly enjoying my time.


Around 9 Wisam Tbeleh took the stage again announcing that our awaited shinning star the delightful and talented Shireen Abdel Wahhab will take the stage, Shireen came smiling radiant with a tight figure gloving yellow dress that showed all her feminine curves, if the stadium was erupting when Yousef Arrafat was on it, it now glowed fire as the people were in rapture as Shireen started singing one of her most beloved songs “Mish ‘Aiza Gheirak Inta” (I don’t want anyone but you) ‘مش عايزة غيرك أنت’.


She sang many beautiful songs like “Ala Baly” (On my mind), “Ah Ya Leil” (Oh, night!), “Mish ‘Aiza Gheirak Inta” (I don’t want anyone but you), “Ana Mish Beta’it El Kalam Dah” (This is not my thing!), “Gharh Tani” (Another Heartahce), “Mashaar” (Feelings) and “Ma Sherebtesh Mn Nelha” (Didn’t you drink from its Nile?)


When she sang “Ma Sherebtesh Mn Nelha” (Didn’t you drink from its Nile?) all the Egyptians attending the event sang along, holding the national flag of Egypt and some even cried and ask for a recur.


It was such a beautiful night, filled with beautiful music, thanks to all who organized this event, it was a night to remember, espically that at the end I got a cute photo with Wisam Tbeleh.


Recur please, YALLLLLA!


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