Soft-Packed Snowflakes

“Layer upon layer of soft-packed snowflakes settled in near silence, forming a quilt of feathery ice crystals.”
― Rebecca Nichols Alonzo

Yesterday, I had the worst allergies so in the morning I took this medicine that made me sleep for at least 18 hours. I hate using it but I only use it when I have no other option and I can’t stand the allergies.


In any case, while everyone ended their day, I kind of started mine. I tried to force myself to sleep but I couldn’t. So, I read two books, I Instagram-ed and Tumblr-ed but still sleepiness averted me… suddenly around 5 in the morning I heard the unmistakable voice of these huge vehicles that remove the snow… I couldn’t go to the window because I was so SO cold and I started to feel sleepy for real, but I knew “Snow was coming”.

“The snow began to fall again, drifting against the windows, politely begging entrance and then falling with
disappointment to the ground”
― Jamie McGuire

At 12, I heard people shouting, snow being shoveled, I almost had a heart attach… I just didn’t want to stay locked in the house… so when I opened my window I was joyfully surprised that the snow wasn’t that heavy… and as always, something in me stirred to see all that angelic white beauty everywhere.


I took my brother’s car key while he was dealing with the frozen pipes… I went driving and watching what Jordanians were up to… it was so much fun, then I went to Starbucks in Abdoun got that yummy toffee nut latte that tastes like Christmas in a red cup to go, and headed back home.

Have a lovely day Jordan, I hope everyone can stay warm… it’s too cold here. May Allah be with you.



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