Detoxing for Beauty

“Cast away all negative thoughts and fears. If your will is yoked to wisdom, you can achieve anything.”
― Paramahansa Yogananda

For 27 years, I lived a life style that I thought was okay. But this year, I began searching for something different, I was starved for a way to change my life inside out.

In 2006, I became very sick and my sickness turned into a series of surgeries and medical treatment till 2009. In 2010 I changed a lot, from a carefree girl with sleek body to 30 Kg extra over with a lot of scars, cellulite and stretch marks.


To say the least, I was devastated. The years of fighting my illness took hold on me and turned me into a darker version of myself that I didn’t like much. For a year and a half later I tried to restore my power and heal, afterward I tried finding a job in vain. In the end, I took the first job that was offered to me in 2012. By 2013, I’ve changed yet again, I no longer wanted to live adjusting around the idea that this is all I was getting from this life. I wanted to fight for myself.

In the mid of 2013, I discovered Kimberly Snyder, who believed in eating our way to a radiant skin, renewed energy and reaching our best potential.


I loved that concept, I Googled her, read some posts in her blog and I absolutely loved her, I tried making her Glowing Green Smoothie into my every day life, but one thing was certain, I didn’t get her Beauty Detox Solution and I couldn’t stick to it.

That lead me to ordering her two published books. I felt excited about all of it in October, and I even got coconut and many ingredients to use but alas I got distracted by other events and plans and life in general that I forgot all about it.

Tonight, I felt down, tired, hating what I’m seeing anew, feeling crippled by my body, by my life, wanting out. I looked at myself, and I saw a tired girl, who was fat and depressed, and I was like, I could let myself cry until I sleep or find a solution.

I decided to find a solution, a permanent one. I looked at my piled books and picked Kim’s two books, I began reading The Beauty Detox Solution: Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy and the Body You’ve Always Wanted and I felt a ray of hope taking over me, I felt like crying by page 13; I discovered that I’ve been killing myself slowly over the past 4 years.


The book begins with Kim’s introduction and then in part one beginning with this wise quote from Dr. Norman Walker:

“In order to Become Younger, many of one’s habits must be changed. To do this constructively, one can do it only with an open mind and with the wholehearted desire to see if it really works.
A closed mind… a mind which has made it a practice to frown on radical changes in thought, habits and actions, is the greatest stumbling block towards any progress on the road to Become Younger.”
― Dr. Norman Walker

I mean, I feel like I’ve found Kim’s website for a reason… I even feel positive about it especially when I found my face in one of her ads when I most needed guidance.


I decided that from tomorrow, before this year is over, I will close this chapter and begin a new healthier life. I mean, what do I get to lose? I’m already depressed and in a need of a drastic change, this seems like the right path to follow. I hope this new path takes me to where I want to reach.

I have to do this for myself. I want to feel beautiful… I know I’m good-looking but I want to feel it, not just to have a pretty face, I want to feel strong and healthy… My immune system is in a horrible shape, my body is always tired and heavy, I don’t like the dark circles under my eyes or my back pains… Oh and many many more… So, I need to do this. I owe it to myself to at least try.


9 thoughts on “Detoxing for Beauty

  1. Wow!
    Very nice post 🙂
    Good luck and never give up !
    And put in mind that the pain you feel now will be the power you feel tomorrow 😉
    I advice you to start going to the gym.. You will feel relieved and happy by excercising every day…
    Good luck again …


  2. One page led me to another until i stumbled upon your blog 🙂 this post in particular….The first thing towards change is to love yourself, we at times think that we do, but when there is something that we don’t like, such as being fat, dark circles, sickness..etc, we subconsciously resent our bodies, and ourselves in the process for not being able to get to where we want to be, We bring ourselves down. You sound like a very vibrant cheerful person, love yourself the way your, with all the good and bad in it 🙂 Sickness is something that come to us as a result of our bad lifestyle, find a way to set the harmony back, eating healthy is one of them, finding time for your inner-self is another, doing stuff you love and so many more. One more tip that worked for me, don’t apply drastic changes to your life, do it one step at a time, and once you commit to something for a 2-3 weeks, it becomes a habit and then you move on to the next step, You should feel results in a month after each step 🙂 once you do, you’ll feel too good to go back to the old habits…

    I really hope you heal fast and get the results you want 🙂 have a beautiful day Dana


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